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Natural Sound

Music Production and Recording Techniques

A realistic aesthetic approach

Workshops with 4 complementary modules:

Stereo, Binaural, Surround and 3D

Our workshops are intended for music producers and sound engineers (with both musical and technical knowledge) who are interested in music recording and natural acoustics. The workshops have a theoretical and practical component, which make them especially interesting for the participants. The goal is to give participants the theoretical and practical knowledge to make a natural sound recording.

Natural sound recording is accomplished when special recording techniques and other procedures are applied in an audio recording. The result is translated as a natural and realistic impression of a sound event: smooth and clear localization of the instruments, clear perception of depth, good tonal impression, natural relation between direct and reverberant sound, etc.

The recording techniques we’re going to analyze and experience are related to each other, in the sense that all of them use time and level differences to capture localization and depth and to adjust the sound recording angle to the segment reproduction angle. These techniques are applied to different sound situations and formats: stereo, binaural, surround and 3D.

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